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About Us is a bodybuilding and weight loss blog focusing on how you can transform your body effectively and naturally. The words “bodybuilding” and “weight loss” can be off-putting for the best of us but by following our simple rules and techniques, no dream body is impossible.

hitbodybuilding.comI wanted to create a fitness website because I was frustrated with my body.  Although I wasn’t overweight, I had no muscle definition, no strength and zero stamina. I couldn’t even lift a 3 kg dumbbell or reach 10 minutes on the treadmill. As a girl, I was conscious not to look too “beefy” but I knew that if put on muscle then not only would I burn more calories but also feel more confident with my body. I’ve also grown more confident in the gym. The cross-trainer used to be my safety net and would never touch free weights but now I go for everything and lifting heavier and better as well. Gyms are there to be explored and workout your whole body and if you’re unsure about any of the weights, machines then it’s best to get a fitness coach to show you.

Dream Body Is a Reality!

Having the motivation and willpower is hard work. There have been countless times when I’ve decided that I’m going to diet have never stuck with it. But having looked in the mirror I knew I had to change therefore I gave up sugar and wheat which has made a massive difference. I lost 7lbs in 1 month just by tweaking my diet.

Transforming your body is hard work and there are loads of supplements out on the market that can boost that process. I’ve tried a ton of them and have only ever used natural products. We’ve reviewed several natural bodybuilding and weight loss supplements to help you accelerate your body transformation.

Getting the ideal body isn’t impossible. You have to believe it and want it to get it. With the right approach and technique, you will easily see your body be transformed.

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