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Capsiplex Sport -“Hot Stuff for Slimmers”

Capsiplex Sport is one of the most successful weight loss and bodybuilding supplements to have hit the market. Touted by the Daily Mail to be “hot stuff for slimmers”, it has flown off the shelves so fast that supplies can’t keep up with demand. Evan celebrities such as Britney Spears have used Capsiplex Sport to keep them in shape and keep them energised with their gruelling careers. Sounds too good to be true right? How come that one capsule containing chilli extract can cause such hype? We dig deeper to find what makes Capsiplex Sport the capsule for weight loss and bodybuilding.

Capsiplex SportCapisplex Sport is the sport version of Capsiplex -the weight loss pill that caused a sensation due to its natural fat burning properties. Capsiplex Sport has been created to specifically boost weight loss for those who regularly part take in physical activity from Pilates to bodybuilding. The website claims that it:

  • Increases strength, agility and stamina.
  • Increases calorie burn
  • Easy to take – 1 pill a day 30 minutes before a workout
  • 100% natural.

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Capsiplex Sport Vs Other Sports Supplements

Capsiplex SportIf you’re a regular gym-goer, then you want to use supplements that are going to help you push harder and smarter throughout your workout. Capsiplex sport are a multi-billion dollar business and the market is flooded with products from Whey Protein to synthetic steroids. The difference between Capsiplex Sport than other products, is that it uses Chilli to sky-rocket your metabolism and focus. Chilli is well known for its metabolism-boosting properties so you don’t have to worry about what is inside each and every capsule. It keeps a tight reign on your fat content whilst boosting your energy and alertness at the same time.

Sports supplements can be tiresome to use because you have to take them at least twice a day, 45 minutes before a workout. If you miss a supplement then that can put your whole workout out of place. Living to such a regimented routine takes a lot of willpower and determination. On the other hand, Capsiplex Sport is easy to use as you only need to take one capsule day with water, 30 minutes before a workout. Not only is that simple to remember but makes your workout regime more enjoyable.

How it Works

Capsiplex Sport uses chilli (red chillies to be precise) to turbo-boost your metabolism. It starts to work from the time you take it to long after your workout. Red chillies contain Capsicum extract and this is responsible for their hot flavour. The capsicum creates thermogenic energy to increase your metabolism in a very similar way to what exercise does. Your body temperature rises resulting in increased energy levels and it also generates lipolysis which breaks down your fat cells.

The Capsule

Capsiplex SportThe ingredients contained are natural and help to erradicate sluggishnes and keep your brain in check. Apart from Capsicum, the capsule has four other ingredients

Vitamin B3. Increases alertness by metabolising carbohydrates, proteins and fats

L-Argine is an amino acid which helps to create nitric oxide resulting in increased oxygen supply. Often people feel energised as more oxygen is transferred in the blood stream and the effects of lactic acid are reduced.

Piperine. The chemical that gives black pepper its kick. It fires-up your metabolism levels and quickly absorbs nutrients for extra vitality.

Caffeine. The ultimate perk-up. Capsiplex Sport contains a small amount of caffeine to kick-start your workout. The amount contained will help you boost your energy but isn’t big enough to cause sweats and insomnia.

By using one capsule of Capsiplex, the ingredients will actively get to work within minutes so that you can feel more energised than ever.

Capsule Coating

Capsiplex SportChilli can be abrasive for the stomach causing it to inflame. This isn’t good if you enjoy chilli so Capsiplex Sport has created a unique outer-coating to prevent stomach irritation. The out-coating is so tough that it doesn’t release the capsicum until it reaches the intestines. A lot of sport supplements use a general silicone coating whereas with Capsiplex Sport, the ingredients are protected within the middle layer so you don’t feel any harmful side effects.


Ok,  we know that Capsiplex Sport claims to be a proven weight loss supplement but what’s the science behind it? There have been several clinical trials that support the notion that chilli can increase weight loss through thermogenesis but more studies need to be done to confirm their claims. Below are just some of the clinical trials listed on the Capsiplex website:

A clinical trial conducted by University of Oklahoma, subjects took Capsiplex and other took a placebo before exercising. Those who took Capsiplex burned 3 times more calories before exercise, 3% more calories during exercise and 12 times more after 1 hour after exercise.

The amount of oxygen flow also increased by 7.5% enhancing greater muscle flexibility and recovery time.

Over the years, chilli has been counted on as a leading weight loss resource. The main ingredient in Capsiplex Sport is Capsicum extract which contain capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids are renowned producing several benefits including: increased metabolism and energy and extensive fat burning abilities. A researcher from University of Memphis, Richard Bloomer, published a study in 2003 on the effects of capsicum on weight loss. The results showed that people burned, on average,  200 calories more than those who took a placebo.

Casiplex SportCapsiplex Sport – The Truth!

There is no doubt Capsiplex Sport may increase weight loss, energy, lean muscle gain and stamina. It uses chilli extract to turbo-charge your metabolism naturally so that you feel naturally energised in your workout. Capsiplex Sport has shown to be leader in weight loss and energy and that’s why we recommend Capsiplex Sport.

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